Our Menu


Roasted Pepper Salad 6,50€
The Pike’s Roe 12,00€
Eggplant Caviar 8,00€
Baltic Herring with Cream 8,50€
Pastrami (Smoked Salted Pork Meat) 9,50€
Breaded and Fried Sheep Milk Cheese 9,50€
Polenta with Cheese 9,50€
Tarama 7,50€
Whipped White Beans 7,50€
Romanian Specialties Assortment for 2 26,00€


Tripe Soup 8,50€
Vegetable and Meatball Soup 9,00€


Sarmale, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Polenta 15,00€
Stuffed Pepper with Polenta 16,00€
Stuffed Vine Leaves 16,00€
Veal Cutlet with French Fries 19,00€
Beef Stroganoff 26,00€


Mititei (one piece) 3,50€
Chicken Breast with French Fries 16,00€
Rib Steak with French Fries 21,00€
Lamb Chops with French Fries 19,00€
Lamb Pastramă with Polenta 21,00€
Echine Pork 18,00€


Grilled Strugeon with Vegetables 24,00€
Grilled Carp in Garlic Sauce with Polenta 21,00€

Side Dishes

Sour Cream 1,00€
French Fries 4,00€
Vegetables 4,00€
Polenta 4,00€
Marinated Vegetables 4,00€
Grilled Mushrooms 4,00€
Garlic Sauce 2,50€


Telemea, Sheep Milk Cheese 6,50€
Cascaval, Goat Cheese 6,50€
Fresh Cow’s Milk Cheese 6,50€
Assortment of Cheeses 8,50€


Apple Cake 7,50€
Crêpes with Sour Cherries Jam 7,00€
Savarin, Rum Baba 8,00€
Papanași, Fried Cheese Pastry with Cherry Jam and Sour Cream 9,50€

Our meat comes from France and Germany.
Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.